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Mergers, Acquisitions & Restructuring

Mergers, Acquisitions & Restructuring

The complexity that lies in mergers, acquisitions & restructuring comes after analyzing the organization’s relics and negotiating with the counterparts during restructuring. This is further problematic when risks have to be analysed in a non-transparent environment.

Our team of experts have the legal acumen and financial expertise to guide our clients in highly complex transactions and minimize their financial risks.

Whether our clients seek assistance to negotiate with their counterparts, face regulatory hurdles or require an understanding of legal and business uncertainties, our team of highly skilled professionals are ready to guide you through the complexities including the assessment of financial and legal risks to service various corporate restructuring activities.

Our services in this area include

  • Advise on formulation of arrangements for restructuring, legal compliance and regulatory regimes
  • Drafting and preparation of transaction documents
  • Acquisition of required regulatory approvals
  • Efficient execution of merger and acquisition transactions with the help of tax and other experts
  • Management of liquidation, insolvency and dissolution proceeding as per the requirement
  • Scope-based due diligence

Key Areas

Due Diligence

Legal due diligence is a crucial requirement for any investor to make an informed decision by all means. Legal due diligence is not just examining another company; it includes self-investigation within your own company for potential investments. The resulting due diligence report helps build an understanding of the value of the business, its current and potential risks, as well as specific liabilities. This enables the businesses to make an apt decision whether for restructuring or otherwise.

At Reliance Corporate Advisors, we have a hybrid team of legal as well as financial experts. Our unique team of professionals assist clients in the process of conducting legal due diligence by analysing current and potential risks from both legal, taxation and financial perspective. We help our clients identify problems and assist them in successfully mitigating risks, thereby making sure that their transactions take place smoothly without obstacles.

Restructuring and Re-organisation

Offering dedicated advice in intricate restructurings, we take pride in providing exceptional solutions that yield commercial results.

Concurrently, RCA specialises in corporate restructurings, employing various options like pre-packaged sales and debt-for-equity swaps.

We excel in contingency planning, restructuring shares, stocks, and debt, distressed sales, acquisitions, bridge gap arrangements, deferred bidding, and refinancing.

Guiding prominent financiers and investors, our expertise extends to corporates/directors, central banks, and government institutions. Furthermore, we have a close nexus with experts in related practice areas including real estate, capital markets, banking, tax,  regulatory, and litigation to provide integrated service under this arena of law.

Insolvency, Liquidation and Dissolutions

Whether our clients opt for insolvency voluntarily, strategically or otherwise, Reliance Corporate Advisors offers a capable team of experts to handle the matter due to our extensive experience in insolvency proceedings and restructuring.

We have an outstanding record in guiding both lenders and distressed borrowers in re-financing as well as pre-insolvency reorganisation.

Our legal team is well versed in the nuances of representing clients facing insolvency in legal proceedings and capable of reducing potential risks and creating a positive outcome.

Our team of financial experts evaluate the financial history of our clients and provides crucial advice to effectively manage their assets and liabilities, therefore providing two-pronged assistance both on the legal and financial fronts of this practice.

Key Contacts

Drop us a mail at enquiry@reliancecs.co for more information on our work in this arena and your requests.

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