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Regulatory & Transactional Advisory

Regulatory & Transactional Advisory

At Reliance Corporate Advisors, we highly regard regulatory practice and transactional advisory with utmost responsibility.

Regulatory regimes largely affect the of way doing business. Starting from the establishment of an entity, approvals and licensing continue to be a part of ongoing transactions as well as further expansions. Businesses are often fraught with issues regarding requisite approvals and licenses due to legal ambiguities and dilemmas as to necessary compliances. The profitability of any business venture is knowledge of the regulatory regimes governing them. Businesses risk fines and penalties if they do not properly take the laws and regulations governing their transactions into account.

Reliance Corporate Advisors works closely with our clients and help them stay focused on their core business activities. while offering a team of experienced individuals to help businesses to comply with these regimes.

We stand proud of our persistent performance in our regulatory conduct and transactional advisory.

Our services in this area include

  • Formulation of business structuring and risk mitigation strategies
  • Advise on corporate governance and secretarial compliance
  • Assessment of compliance status and mitigation of non-compliant issues
  • advisory on the varied licensing and regulatory regimes for businesses
  • Advisory on market regulation and anti-competition laws
  • Handling various transactional facets concerning international trade and customs
  • Advisory, preparation and drafting of a wide range of transactional documents and contracts
  • Dispute management services

Key Areas

Business Structuring and Risk Mitigation

The business structure you adopt for your business needs to be carefully determined and expertly crafted to ensure maximum returns. We appreciate that there is no “one size fits all” business structure and what might be working for your peers might not be the best for your business in particular. With our experience and understanding that each of our clients is uniquely situated, our experts will assist you in tailoring a business structure which is the perfect fit for your needs.

At Reliance Corporate Advisors, we assist your growth by helping you identify the possible risks to your business. With the assistance of our team of experienced experts, you will be able to recognise and assess potential risks, determine the likelihood of such risks occurring and analyse the consequences of such risks.

Upon successful evaluation of conceivable risks and their potential impact, we would be able to support you with your risk mitigation and risk treatment strategies. We understand that as circumstances change, the nature of risks your business might be susceptible to change as well. Therefore, we ensure that our services include continual monitoring and review of not only your past and present business practices but also future endeavours.

To the present date, we have reflected our proactive nature whether it is in the case of approvals and licensing or corporate governance. Our practices have pleased various clients with our careful approach while drafting commercial contracts or mitigating risks in business restructuring.

Corporate Governance

At Reliance Corporate Advisors, we help our clients develop strategies for corporate harmony, and ensure optimum reporting and communication with their stakeholders of an entity.

We assist our clients in navigating the ins and outs of corporate governance and counsel them on all of its aspects, including indoor management compliance investigations, executive compensation, internal disputes and crisis management.

The team of legal experts in our firm exhibit a combined and thorough knowledge of the industry due to our extensive experience to provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to the issues of corporate governance.

International Trade and Customs

Government activities progressively influence organizations associated with international trade. Regardless of whether governments are arranging multilateral, regional or bilateral trade agreements, or changing national laws and guidelines, the outcome is inevitably an intricate system of rules and regulations which can mean a progressively troublesome business condition fraught with ambiguities. Further, complexities in understanding custom tariffs, their facilities and their regime deters trading businesses to achieve their full potential.

We at Reliance Corporate Advisors assist our clients to successfully traverse the various regulations which apply to them, thus ensuring that their trade activities are compliant with all prevalent laws and benefit from applicable exemptions. The involvement of qualified chartered accountants and tax experts further helps RCA to provide effective solutions to overcome any foreseeable hurdles.

Dispute Management Services

Dispute Management Service is our major forte as a result of a joint team effort between Reliance Corporate Advisors (RCA) and Reliance Law Firm (RLF). Today we stand proud of the significant role displayed by our firm when we recall the resolution of some of the most complex commercial disputes that imbued national concerns and complexity.

Our hard and smart work approach in tune with modern technology has never failed to satisfy our clients. Our people are renowned in terms of their diligence, efficiency abd modern approach in the field of Nepalese ADR and commercial disputes.

Key Contacts

Drop us a mail at enquiry@reliancecs.co for more information on our work in this arena and your requests.

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