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We stand happy with our team culture and are dedicated to doing even better in days to come to make Reliance Corporate Advisors, Nepal a great place to build careers. Our Nepalese and International clients voice that in recent years we have improved the efficacy of our teams, our connection building and our establishment of suave human resources. Building a tradition that creates, appeals to, nurtures and preserves exceptional people and helps them establish themselves, leads to better facilitation of our clients. We strongly believe in Comprehensiveness, Growth and Encouragement (CGE) as 3 essential elements of our working culture and inter-relationship that enhances our effectiveness:

Comprehensiveness – Hiring and engaging exceptional people is just the beginning. Comprehensiveness ensures that all our employee’s voices are perceived and esteemed which not only appeals to and retains efficient human resources, but also helps to build trust and credibility with our clients.

Growth – Our methodology to enable the growth of our employees involves a wide range of learning experiences and training of all our people by industry experts which is essential to develop their careers. Through this culture, our team has been able to deliver optimal results for clients, as well as develop the future of our organization.

Encouragement – We aim to inspire and motivate our people to be contented through various incentive-based programs and activities that encourage them to accomplish their professional and personal aspirations. We are proud to say that we have the brightest professionals with ever-learning zeal and we emphasise collaborative efforts and shared learning to shape our people.

In addition, we purposefully find time in our busy schedules to provide a platform for distinct minds to share their experiences while working on challenging and complex matters. We enjoy our timely neck-to-neck debates; foot loss before weekends and peer support to get through difficult times. We are not just colleagues; we are a family. We strongly believe that our success is the result of our smart-work model and unique team structure. We coordinate and learn from our distinct members to discover the best ideas and choose the perfect solution.

As a result, RCA enjoys diversity, provides a dynamic space and has been providing exposure for the young generation to grow since its existence. The firm provides an opportunity for young people to inculcate the best practices to groom themselves as efficient and professional corporate practitioners.

For fresher, RCA provides unique prospects to work with experts to eventually model them on par with the ‘efficiency culture’ of the firm We reckon in learning from the diverse environment and elevating each other at the firm. If you want to work with us, For more information on working with RCA, kindly drop in your CV with a cover letter at enquiry@reliancecs.co.