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Foreign Investments and Incorporations

Foreign Investments and Incorporations

Investors face a plethora of challenges especially when they are investing in a market that is at a nascent phase. Investing in a market as such includes many intricacies. Understanding this requires an in-depth understanding of foreign investments and incorporations, which is not always easy due to intricate and complex laws and regulatory regimes.

Our years of expertise along with our balanced team of financial and legal experts provide our clients with a considerable competitive advantage. At Reliance Corporate Advisors, our team of experts will provide you with critical advice concerning your capital market judgments, strategic financing alternatives, investor targeting and allocation and integrated approach combining industry and sector experience with technical preparation; all the while facilitating your transaction to reduce risks.

Our services in this area include

  • Foreign investment structuring and due diligence
  • Required documentation of transaction documents
  • Incorporation of local investment vehicles in the form of limited liability companies, joint ventures and branch offices
  • Acquisition of required regulatory approvals
  • Transactional negotiations
  • Formulation of exit strategies
  • Foreign investment and regulatory compliance services

Key Areas

Foreign Direct Investments

As a developing economy, Nepal has become a lucrative business opportunity for foreign investors. However, to ensure that such investors stand the best possible chance of maximising returns on their investment, they need to navigate various legal compliances and procedures successfully.

The Government of Nepal is encouraging foreign investment and has implemented policies ensuring that most of the industries except a few are open for foreign investment.

Reliance Corporate Advisors (RCA) provide thorough legal and financial guidance for our foreign clients as well as their native counterparts from investment structuring to formulation of exit strategies.

Our experience in the Nepalese market and expertise in the field ensures our clients that their foreign investments are sound and compliant.

Entity Establishment

As you embark on any business venture, one of the first decisions you have to make is the formal business incorporation structure you will assume. Businesses, more often than not, are operated through a legal entity rather than a natural person to reap benefits such as limited liability, successive perpetuation and having a separate singular identity. However, when you establish an entity, you need to assess the specific type of entity you want to establish based on your particular needs.

This is where our team of experienced professionals would play a crucial role in the future of your foreign investment and incorporation. Having incorporated hundreds of successful entities, we at Reliance Corporate Advisors are uniquely positioned to assess your specific requirements and guide you towards the establishment of an entity which best suits your intentions.

Private Equity and Venture Capital

Private equity investors and venture capitalists are faced with various risks due to the very nature of the investment made. However, such investments can prove to be lucrative, provided that they are strategic and well-informed. Private equity and venture capital investment in Nepal are still in their infancy which provides another set of challenges in terms of the interpretation of legal provisions and their compliance.

We at Reliance Corporate Advisors have years of experience in the field and a keen understanding of the market. Our team of seasoned lawyers and chartered accountants provide valuable legal advice and strategy to our clients at every stage of their investment transactions, thereby ensuring that our clients’ investments are both financially and legally sound.

Capital Markets

RCA has a practice in capital markets that covers a variety of capital market products and incorporates specialists in debt and equity capital markets, structured finance and other capital market instruments.

Years of experience in this sector provide the firm with the ability to deliver the advice of the highest standard to our clients regarding their foreign investments and incorporations.

RCA is renowned for intellectual rigour with capital markets lawyers drawing on deep product expertise and regularly working alongside regulatory, banking and finance, litigation, restructuring and other specialist teams to develop innovative solutions for the clients, often incorporating precedent-setting financing techniques.

Key Contacts

Drop us a mail at enquiry@reliancecs.co for more information on our work in this arena and your requests.

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