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Financial Reporting, Planning and Review

Financial Reporting, Planning and Review

Reliable and timely financial planning and reportings are crucial; not only for investors but also mandated by regulators. Moreover, in the ever-evolving financial reporting standards, especially in the realm of mergers and acquisitions, companies are compelled to stay current.

At Reliance Corporate Advisors, our services encompass a diverse range of financial planning and reporting advisory services. Adopting a sector-focused strategy, we empower clients by leveraging our professionals’ technical excellence and custom tools.

IFRS Reporting

Every organisation faces a financial planning or reporting or accounting issue at some point while preparing its financial reports. In these situations, expert advice underpinned by an in-depth understanding of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) is crucial.

Experts at Reliance Corporate Advisors understand the importance of staying up-to-date with national and international accounting practices. Our experience over the years has placed our team in a position to advise our clients to comply with the financial reporting standards.  We have seen that the advice we provide to our clients has helped them This has benefitted our clients as they increasingly operate at a larger scale.

Financial Due Diligence Review

The due diligence process does not simply entail following a standard checklist of procedures to provide a ‘tick’ for a proposed transaction. When done properly, a financial due diligence review provides valuable information to support the proposed transaction. It also helps identify issues that need to be addressed early on for successful transactions.

Our experienced team of professionals will investigate reasons for the trends observed in the operational results of a company over a relevant time and report on this in terms of relevancy for a proposed transaction. We help our clients identify the risks associated with a potential transaction based on the given scope of work. Understanding and analysing a business along with its cash and key value drivers has helped our satisfied clients reap the benefits from their business deals over the years.


At Reliance Corporate Advisors, we help you value your investments, business and assets. You might want to forecast the financial effects of a business restructuring or determine an asset value during this process. We assist you with the price allocation during acquisition or in understanding the worth of your business.

Our team of professionals work closely with you to understand your business, its prospects and markets. We do our best to account for the dynamic factors of valuation based on past performances and possible future financial results.

Financial Feasibility Reporting

When considering and planning a potential project, decisions need to be based on accurate information. Our team of feasibility study services will help determine the viability of a project and collate the details needed to secure funding.

Our experienced project finance experts carefully assess your project proposal to deliver the information that investors need to base their decisions. As a trusted independent third party, we help you assess risks accurately through our careful analysis.

Corporate Finance

Reliance Corporate Advisors excels in guiding financial transactions to successful outcomes. Moreover, with ample experience across diverse sectors, we bring expertise from owner-managed businesses to international companies and private equity funds.

Furthermore, our team adopts a hands-on, yet emotionally intelligent approach, expertly overseeing transactions from inception to completion. This approach not only ensures expedient progress but also guarantees a seamless process, underscoring our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results.

Key Contacts

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