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Labour Law Practices

Labour Law Practices

We understand that unguided HR policies and practices can subject companies and employees to unprecedented trouble pursuant to the labour laws of Nepal. Additionally, organizations face harsh disputes of collective bargaining and disputes while working with different groups of individuals.

We at Reliance Corporate Advisors protect our clients by carefully drafting employment policies and bylaws for our client’s businesses as a protective measure. Our firm excels in resolution for individuals and companies, enhancing proficiency in dispute resolution for such issues of collective bargaining. Furthermore, we ensure our clients that they will be provided to choose the best underlying scenarios incurred by their employment issues and problems through our expertise in labour laws of Nepal.


Disputes and Collective Bargaining

Disputes are a harsh reality of any business venture where different individuals work together. Employer-employee disputes can be especially taxing to the profitability of an organization. Unless such disputes can be speedily and effectively resolved, they can fester and cause irreversible damage to workplace relationships.

We at RCA pride ourselves on being the facilitators of dispute resolution and encouraging an atmosphere conducive to collective bargaining. Collective bargaining fosters industrial democracy by resolving issues through mutual agreement among involved parties. Our team of professionals combine knowledge of applicable labour laws of Nepal with their expertise in handling sensitive matters to mitigate disputes while preserving the employer-employee relationship.

Policies and Bylaws

As a business grows, so does the human resource required to fuel its needs. Consequently, the management of human resources needs to be strengthened by clear policies and bylaws that are in line with the labour laws of Nepal. We believe that having well-defined policies and bylaws in place halves the possibility of workplace disputes.

Therefore, we collaborate with clients to craft customized policies and bylaws, catering to the unique needs of employers and employees. We have considerable experience in devising or revising effective policies and bylaws for our clients which implement the prevailing practices of our clients’ businesses while also helping them envisage potential problem areas, thus effectively providing for future issues.

Labour Audit

The Labour Act, 2017 has mandated every enterprise to conduct a labour audit under Section 100 of the Act and submit a labour audit to the relevant authorities by mid-January of every year.

Our team of legal experts provide consultation to clients regarding the requisite provisions of labour laws of Nepal which need to be taken into consideration while conducting labour audit. We help clients grasp the importance of labor audit, ensure compliance, and prepare and submit audits as required.

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