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Trademarks & Intellectual Property Services

Trademarks & Intellectual Property Services

At the core of any enterprise lies its intellectual property and business relationships. Guiding our clients through the twists and turns of the business lifecycle, our team offers clear insights for intricate challenges during the process of ensuring protection to the intellectual property of businesses and individuals.

Nepal’s IP law lacks development to meet international client needs despite government encouragement for Intellectual Property (IP) practice. Issues of infringement and enforcement are fostered due to a lack of a serious understanding of different tiers of the market, which has blurred the lines of international promises of the government on one hand and the explicit infringement of various international products and brands on the other.

Despite national IP laws, government actions on IP infringement lack vigilance, emphasizing lawyers’ crucial role in safeguarding business’s intellectual property.

We guide clients through challenges, offering adept solutions in our area of expertise.

Our services in this area include

  • Registration of trademarks, copyright and patents as well as their protection
  • Intellectual Property related prosecution, configuration
  • Intellectual Property assignment and licensing
  • Intellectual property due diligence
  • Franchise modelling and transactional advisory

Key Areas

Intellectual property is often a valuable asset and we understand the importance of the intellectual property that our clients hold.

At Reliance Corporate Advisors, we offer experienced and qualified professionals who assist our clients with registration of their IP at the appropriate authorities. We blend legislative expertise with practical application to ensure a smooth registration process, for the purpose of safeguarding clients’ intellectual property rights effectively.

Protections, Licensing and Assignment

Protection of intellectual property such as trademarks, benefit not only the owner of such intellectual property but also the consumers seeking the particular product represented by the trademark. We also understand that such protections encourage innovations from inspired minds, which benefits our society as a whole.

We offer diverse professional services for local and foreign clients, protecting their intellectual property in Nepal. Furthermore, our practice for the protection of intellectual property involves prompt and successful opposition filings, objections & complaints, licensing, assignment, and infringement.

At RCA, we have been at the forefront, passionately representing both local and international clients in the arenas of courts, judicial bodies, and quasi-judicial authorities, in cases involving IP infringement.


The Nepalese market has been steadily blossoming and is rich with untapped potential. Franchising and transfer of technical know-how provide a well-known marketing strategy for business expansion and synergetic growth. Moreover, the relationship between franchisor and franchisee is often a long-term cooperation between parties who enter into a binding contractual agreement with specified obligations.

We assist our clients on a spectrum of franchising legal matters including regulatory compliances, government policies, transactional drafting and review, competition and consumer law, dispute resolution as well as general commercial issues which might arise at any stage of franchising.

Key Contacts

Drop us a mail at enquiry@reliancecs.co for more information on our work in this arena and your requests.

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